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ECA Toolfast, The Midlands leading Metabo LIHD Partner are pleased to be able to offer a great range of 18v tools for the building, construction and woodworking industry.
Leading lithium ion technology paired with top quality tools all covered with a 3 year warranty which also includes batteries and chargers. We also cover your tools for wear and tear for 3 years.

You just need to register the kit within 28 days of purchase.

Metabo make it easy to put together your perfect tool kit with Pick + Mix

The Metabo PICK+MIX system stands for limitless combination options in the 18 Volt class.

Select precisely the machines, battery packs, chargers and transport possibilities you need - and save money!

Unlimited variety
More flexibility is hardly possible: With PICK+MIX select from numerous machines, battery packs and chargers, cases and bags. You will find the right thing for almost any application.

Unlimited safety 3-year warranty on battery packs
The Metabo Ultra-M technology permits a 3-year warranty on battery packs.

Unlimited compatibility
Since 2009, our battery packs are compatible with all Metabo cordless machines and chargers of the same Volt class.

Unlimited combinations
Save money: Get just the machines, battery packs and transport possibilities that you need! No more, no less.

It's so simple:

1. Select your machines
2. Select your battery packs and your charger
3. Select your transport/storage solutions

Enjoy several benefits: After all, you only pay for the machines, the charger and battery packs, and the transportation options that you really need!
No more, no less.