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About Us


ECA was founded in 1978 by Tony Everett working from his Garage in Oadby, supplying joinery workshops in Leicestershire. 

Tony’s and ECA’s passion for quality products, plus a reliable personal service established a reputation amongst local tradesmen. 

Now with 6 depots and over 4000 regular contractor trade customers this theme remains. Our great Sales Staff have been very carefully recruited and trained along the way now form a great team .They really do care about the products and services we provide. If you like to  deal in person with reliable, knowledgeable staff, this is still the core of our business. 


This Web site benefits because you can browse and shop all hours. If you’re a new ECA Toolfast Customer, please be assured of the quality of our products. Our personal help may not always be there during the web transaction, but the web expert tips are genuine, and come from 42 years of supplying the Construction and Joinery Industry. 


1978 Tony Everett starts on his own - working from Shipston Hill, Oadby Leicester. 


1984 Coventry Tools and Fixings purchased from Dave Roberts. A shop opens on Clovelly Road, Wyken.


1987  Leicester moves to Oswin Road 


1988 Coventry Move to Henley Road 


1993 Evergrip Woodscrews Launched 


2008 Stoke on Trent Depot opened and ran by Paul Bradbury Davies 


2012 Newark Depot opened and ran by Neil Riches


2016  Birmingham Aston opened and ran by Mark Taylor 


2019 Oldbury Depot purchased from Anglia Tool Centre with Dave Pierre and James employed. 


2020 New user friendly web site launched. 



Coventry - Birmingham - Leicester - Stoke - Newark



Do you like a quick and easy pick up?

You can park directly outside your local showroom and collect.



Like to browse?

You won't see a better looking showroom in your area. There is a massive array of tools fasteners and ironmongery all priced up and at low prices!



Like to telephone?

Your call is quickly dealt with an experienced human! Our telephone sales staff are dedicated to that role and surrounded by a library of information.

If they do have to look up information THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK!


Like to get good advice?

You can't buy experience - but we’ve managed to keep our good staff - and keep them trained in the latest products.

You will always deal with someone who "talks sense"!


Like a visit from us to  your own site or workshop?

Your own personal field sales manager will visit when it suits you. He also knows his stuff!



Like a bargain?

Our tool deals often beat  internet prices! Let us e mail you our special TFI Friday weekly deals.

If you use lots of the same fasteners or other consumables let us quote you for special contract rates!



Like to shop online?

Our web site is easy to use and may be used in conjunction with local showrooms to collect or account customers may arrange quick

personalised deliveries. Orders placed on line by you are processed further by your local experienced sales staff who will contact you with queries.






This is a people business!

You can't teach people to care! You will deal with staff who have a natural interest in our products and getting things right for you.

They get time to pay attention to your requirements because they are dedicated to only one of three roles -
either in the showrooms dealing face to face with you, or on the phones where they are surrounded by a product library, or out in the field.