Paslode Fixed Price Repairs

Paslode Fixed Price Service & Repair

At ECA Toolfast, we promise to give your Paslode nail gun a complete and professional service and repair at a fixed price. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. Our team at Coventry fix and repair Paslodes every day at ECA. Whether it's not firing, misfiring or just needs a regular service, we'll have your Paslode fixed fast at our approved centre and back to you in days!



  Drop your Paslode to your local Post Office

All you will have to do is prepare a parcel of your Paslode and simply take it to your local post office with our ECA postage label attached, it is that easy!


100% Approved by Paslode

All of our parts are genuine and fitted by our Paslode trained experts.


Fast Service

Your Paslode will usually be returned to you within 7-10 working days. We will have your Paslode tested, cleaned (in our special bath), serviced, repaired and retested it will come back like new.

How Does it Work?

FREE Postal Delivery

Simply drop your Paslode off at your local Post Office:

Once you purchase a Paslode Repair/Service with us you will receive an email with a postage label.

All you have to do is package your parcel, print our returns label and attach it to the box (Including Battery & Charger). Once you take it to your local Post Office they will send it to us.


Step by Step

  1. Purchase your Paslode Repair/Service Online. 

  2. We'll email a postage label to you.

  3. If you have the original Paslode box simply wrap this up. If you no longer have the Paslode box then please put it in a cardboard box. Please include the battery and charger but REMOVE ANY GAS.

  4. Drop it off at any Post Office location.

  5. Alternatively if you send the parcel to us by your own means we will refund you £6.50 per unit.

Please post to:

Unit 14, Henley Road Industrial Estate, CV21ST

The Paslodes we service are the below:


IM65 F16 Lithium

IM65 F16A Lithium

IM50 F18







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