ECA & Hikoki


Hikoki Power Tools Supplied by ECA Toolfast


Hikoki power tools may feel like a new brand to many but in fact it is the Hitachi brand reborn. Hitachi is a global business incorporating many market sectors such as plant machinery and domestic electrical goods to name but two. The Hitachi power tool sector started life in japan in 1910 when it produced tooling for the mining trade. Despite various business interruptions and set backs because of war Hitachi still managed to gain a foothold in the power tool market because of its build quality and typically reliable performance. Over the years Hitachi started to operate from America and Europe becoming a contender in the power tool market. Their power tool range was always solid thanks to their industrial background but recently the Hitachi corporate brand become too big and confused. What is it they sell? Is it televisions, excavators or power tools? This came to a head in 2018 when Hitachi power tools became Hikoki. The history and development is still there. It was earned and toiled for over many years. It’s simply transferred now to a new name, Hikoki. The not so new player in the market place.