ECA & Metabo


Metabo Power Tools Supplied by ECA Toolfast


Metabo is a power tool brand founded way back in 1924 and named after its first tool “merallbohrdreher” which was in fact a manually operated hand dril (no18) This was predominantly supplied to the British market to aid with the industrial growth at the time. Metabo have come a long way since then. The developments over the last 90 plus years has seen the brand become synonymous with a top end quality that perhaps is not as recognised on the power tool stage as it should be. Over the years Metabo enjoyed rapid growth in the power tool market and developed amongst other things a reputation for quality metalworking tools. Their grinders saw them increase their market awareness based on a fairly indestructible grinder which had a clutch and a very dependable motor. 1950s saw a particular growth for metabo when they moved to larger premises to cope with demand. With its associations along the way with elektra beckum and the Hitachi group Metabo have successfully steered their way through, gaining knowledge and quality products in the process. Metabo are a medium sized company on a world stage employing fewer people across the world than their rivals but still produce outstanding quality and a depth of range. They still have a Uk presence in Southampton where tools are distributed to their dealers. Their foresight to embrace cordless technologies has seen them produce some of the best tools on the market with battery performance that is outstanding. If you are looking for a practical well made tool for the job and don’t need to be seduced by the big brands already out there, many say you are wise to go with Metabo.