One of the great leaps forward for the power tool market in the last 15 years or so is the constant development of new battery power giving the end user more and more practical versatility. Milwaukee have excelled in this department making their cordless platform outstanding. Whether it’s a lightweight application or Heavy duty Milwaukee have the battery to get the job done. The m12 range operating with lithium ion technology offers lighter weight with a range of different a.h depending on the run time you require per charge. The higher the a.h the longer you can use the tool for. The m18 range offers the user with a more heavy duty application the choice of 3.0a.h through to 12.a.h giving you virtually all day operation on a single charge. They even have a charger that will do both m12 or m18 batteries in one unit. All of the batteries fit their respective ranges and you can buy batteries as and when you need them without buying the tools. An outstanding warranty on the red lithium batteries makes the Milwaukee cordless range an impressive option in the current market place.