The Milwaukee cordless platform really lets you take power and versatility to a job. In a day and age of great technology Milwaukee have really made the most of their cordless range. No matter what you are doing there is a cordless tool to suit your application. From fitting a kitchen with a 12v compact drill with a light 1.5ah or 2.0ah battery to working on site in the middle of nowhere on a roof using an 18v circular saw with a 9.0ah or 12.0ah battery. You could work all day on a single charge. The flexibility the tool and battery range brings makes the tradesmans, workshop or factory workers life so much easier. 1/2” and 3/4” impact wrenches which are the back bone of the Milwaukee development since the early Henry Ford days really make the Milwaukee cordless range stand out. So whether it’s a drill,saw,wrench, grinder or even a radio or vacuum Milwaukee will have an answer.